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Daughters of Khaine Devoted of Morathi


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Kicking off a Daughters of Khaine army? Save money on your models with this massive Battleforce. Inside, you’ll find a huge host of models that no army can go without, from your core Witch Aelves to a range of special units. This set is the ideal gift for even a seasoned Daughters of Khaine collector, with every kit inside featuring multiple build options, allowing you to tailor your reinforcements to your needs. Once you’re ready to get them on the tabletop and in the fight, you’ll be able to enhance your army with an included warscroll battalion.

This set contains:
– 1 Bloodwrack Shrine, which can also be assembled as a Cauldron of Blood with options for building a Hag Queen, Slaughter Queen and Bloodwrack Medusa on foot, depending on which assembly you choose.
– 10 Witch Elves, which can also be assembled as Sisters of Slaughter, with a variety of weapon options.
– 5 Melusai Blood Sisters, whichcan also be assembled as Blood Stalkers
– 10 Khinerai Heartrenders, which can also be assembled as Khinerai Lifetakers
– A transfer sheet for adding additional detail to your models when painting them.