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Traditionally, big MTG tournaments like Nationals, RPTQ, WMCQ and Malaysian Open do not happen in Penang. And with the recent retirement of the PPTQ, there isn’t much to look forward to in terms of competitive events. However, we at Legacy Games are gonna change that by introducing our very own xK Series. We felt that it’s time we move the competitive scene in Penang a step forward.

Many of you may be too young to know this, but there was a time the top performing MTG players in Malaysia are mostly from Penang. Just to name a few, Aw Yeong Weng Kwong, Andrew Tang, Teh Soon Leong and who could ever forget, Morgan Ramachandran.

These past years, only a few has made it out of Penang and into the world stage and sadly we don’t think there is enough support for upcoming players who dreamt of going to the Mythic Championship. We hope that this initiative will change all that. Let’s get to the details.

What is an xK Series?
You probably have heard of the 1K, 3K or 5K series where total prize money payout is based on that number. In our xK series, total prize money payout is equivalent to the amount we collect from sales of products and participation of sanctioned events in a 4 month period. As time of writing, that amount is about 1.35K for the upcoming tournament.

At the beginning of each 4 month period (which is January, May and September) we will put in RM500 into the pool to get the ball rolling. Then we will put in RM1 for each booster pack sold and each participation in a sanctioned event. RM2 for a Pre-release and Store Championship event. Each pack of sleeves, accessories and singles card sales will also contribute to the pool.

When is it happening?
Our first ever xK Series will happen on 26th of May 2019. It will be Standard Constructed. Future series might be in a different format. The xK Series will happen every January, May and September.Who is eligible to join?
This series of tournament is open to all players based in Penang but on a first-come-first-serve basis. The current limit on number of participants is 24 and the entry fee is RM40, half of it will be contributed to the pool. There is also 16 special invitations that will be awarded to:

  • The Pre-release Master of the previous season
  • The Store Champion of the previous season
  • The Draft Master and Standard Master of any month in the previous season
  • The players with the most events participated in the previous season

For those invited, entry is FREE!!

Why are we doing this?
For the 1st year that we have been with the community, we have received so much support and also learned a lot, so it’s time to give back to the community. We also intend to bring back the glory days of competitive Magic to Penang. We are very excited for what’s coming soon and we hope that you feel the same way in this new chapter of Magic in Penang.